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Kenny Creeden

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Hello my friends, I have been pondering this topic for a while now... and that is: Angle drills/screw drivers.


I was working with a scroll saw and needed to bolt it down to stop movement. Simple task, right? Wrong. The screw holes were located underneath the cut table and the arm shaft, so I couldn't fit my drill in there to nor drill the pilot hole, or screw in the bolt. So,I thought: Why the hell don't I own an angle driver? Well:

1. I like to buy tools in combo packs, none of which include an angle driver

2. Not too many mainstream companies make them (if you do find one, let me know)

3. They are pricey, along with attachments and new, oddly shaped bits, they add up quite a bit

4. Most are not very versatile, you cant reach all desired angles with certain models



So with these points, I ask that if you find a decent angle drill/driver, please refer me too it




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They are out there, it's not an uncommon tool or anything. I just looked online and I found Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Ridgid, Craftsman, Ryobi, Festool, Hilti, etc. all make them.


I think the thing is that the tool is not heavily marketed and advertised with all the other power tools.


Honestly if I was one of these big companies putting a tool combo together I would probably leave it out as well. I just think most people who rather have another more commonly used tool in it's place. The right angle drill is almost more of a specialty / tradesmen tool.


I believe that Ridgid did offer it in a combo set at one time, not sure if they still do or not.


I do know where you are coming from though, it is a great tool to have in your lineup. 

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I found all of these kits that include the right angle drills on Home Depot's website. Well I did include 2 that are the tool and a battery or just the bare tool.


Ridgid combo

Makita 18v combo

Milwaukee 18v bare tool

Milwaukee 18v XC battery & right angle drill

Milwaukee 18v combo

Milwaukee 18v combo #2

Milwaukee 12v combo

Milwaukee 12v combo #2

Milwaukee 12v combo #3

Milwaukee 12v combo #4

Milwaukee 12v combo #5


I probably could have listed more Milwaukee kits but it was getting kinda redundant around page 12 of 19, haha.

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