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Rapid Drill?


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take it from a guy that worked in a machine shop/fab shop for over 30 yrs, I was involved in drilling a zillion holes from all sizes in all kinds of places thru steel ...............$1600 or not that thing is a joke.....sorry but NOT ......don't even have to try it to see how flimsy it is from the video. and protoolnut is right where is the cutting fluid? maybe for demonstration but still.....

that thing won't last 1 shift in our shop.......you break a bit or get it stuck that thing would waste more time than it's worth.....not to mention got a good enough drill behind it and I'm sure you'll twist it out of shape......


yuppers core bit and a mag drill no question.....

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Reminds me of an "old man" that make out of scrap metal at work when we have to use a hand drill to go through thick steel.


I would never buy one of those, even if I was running a steel construction company. Not when you can basically make something similar with a few pieces of scrap plate or buy a mag base drill. Bet you someone in the government is going to push to buy hundreds or thousands of them.

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