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You are all "Nutjobs on the internet"


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So, I went to my local HD today to pick up a few bolts and washers for a project.  I remembered that someone had posted in the Deals forum that you could sometimes get killer deals by looking on the in-house terminal.  I looked about and couldn't find anything other than the computer that just had the regular, internet version of their website, so I asked a guy at the pro desk what the deal was.  He said he could look up a specific tool for me if there was something I was looking for, but that there wasn't really anything that was meant for the public to look for deals.  I then showed him the screen shot of the deals that were posted here, at which time he said "You really can't trust what people post on the internet.  There are all sorts of nutjobs that make up sales, screen shots and all sorts of scams trying to get discounts."  He then declared the prices that I showed him on the HD terminal to be crazy because they were just too low and were obviously fake or from a store in some small town in Idaho where no one buys tools so things were on clearance, but regardless, I wasn't going to get those prices in civilization. 


So, there you have it - from the Apex, North Carolina Home Depot Pro Desk.  This forum is full of nut jobs and crazies that live off the grid in Idaho that come into town every six months to try to buy power tools for below cost!!!


I for one am proud to count myself a member, though I honestly can't decide if it's better to be a nut job or a crazy?

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get back there and ask to speak to a manager......lol you tell him your going to cancel your internet because it seems to be useless now.....maybe the guy is right maybe I'm not even posting this maybe this post is fake!

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You may already know this, but on the terminals (found at the pro desk, door area, carpet area, appliances, etc) the top line of the desktop has icons for Price check on a row of icons labeled public.  I have used terminals in about 8 different HDs in my area.  I haven't been told not to yet, but I also don't try to search when they are busy helping customers. 


Now I agree that things get discounted across the country at different rates, but the pricing eventually is the same, just months apart.  I'm sure they have an algorithm that takes into account area inventory and incoming model distribution that factor in.  But when I hear about something that was 99.99 and is in the store computer for 25.03 in another region, it will eventually discount to that level, but it will make stops along the way. Somewhere in the 80s, then in the 40s or 50s.  The problem is when it hits 25.03 in your area there may not be any left in your area.  Surely that manager realizes that the "internet nuts" are going to share a deal.  They should expect that and come up with a better response that calling us "nuts" but whatever.  


Just the other day I saw a computer listing for a Bosch drill and battery for under $50.  There wasn't one in the inventory of the stores in my area.   I got my hopes up for just a second only to have them dashed.  

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This forum is full of nut jobs and crazies

To quote Evis, "uh, thank you, thank you very much"

that live off the grid in Idaho

I wish! I hope to retire to Lewiston when I retire and/or my kid gets out of school.

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