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Everyday Carries

Kenny Creeden

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Hello folks, today I wanted to talk about EDCs, or, Every Day Carries. Mine generally consists of a small bright flashlight, a Leatherman multitool, a Bic pen, a Zippo lighter (for hot glue), sometimes a 9mm G43 handgun (for my occupation), my cell phone, and a small notebook (for writing down measurements and plans). So now that you know mine, please share yours!



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Other than my wallet and cell phone, these are my everyday items:

The Zippo (used to light cigarettes) was purchased by me in 1998 at my local pharmacy at the prime smoking age of 15. It was with me through most of high school, my senior trip, proms, my wedding, the birth of my children, and every other memorable moment I have enough brain cells left to remember.

The knife is a German Eye Trapper that Mrs. Conductor bought me for Christmas the first year we were together in 2004. It's racked up quite a few memories in it's own right. Made in Solingen at Olbertz, Eye's are typically known as plain working knives, but this is a fancier model with rostfrei (rustless) blades, stag handles, and nickel pins & bolsters. If you can find one like this today, they're typically upwards of $125.

Eye's are harder to find these days. When Jim Frost (producer of 98% of the worlds shittiest knives and 100% of tacky commemorative knives) proceeded to completely ruin the Hen & Rooster, Bulldog, and German Bull brands, Kevin Pipes, the fucker that owns Smokey Mountain Knife Works (who happens to be Jim Frost's brother in-law), pretty much phased Eye brand out. As the largest importer of German knives in America, that kinda put a dent in the availability.

Hen & Rooster, who one made some of the finest folders available, don't even meet the criteria to say Made in Germany on them anymore. They are German blades, global parts, and Chinese assembly. I bought one of the last to genuine German H&R trappers that SMKW had left on the shelf. It'll be my daily if anything ever happens to my Eye


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I bought this little Leatherman Squirt PS4 for about $25 on Amazon. You wouldn't think it but this thing has saved my ass on way more than one occasion. Probably the best thing I've bought for $25.



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EDC at work is the following...


Leatherman Wave

Victorinox SwissTool

DarkTort (eBay find, similar to a Fenix PD35) 870 Lumen flashlight

Hinderer XM18 clone

TurboKnife razor knife


Lanyard/I.D. (removed employee number and bar code, gotta be safe ya know)

Pen and Marker


Motorola Walkie (not pictured)

Komelon 25' Tape Measure (not pictured)



For home/personal I EDC the knife and the Leatherman, and a business card case.



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For personal not work issued stuff a Leatherman MUT or SOG Assist at work and my iPhone 6 plus.

Leatherman Wave or my Swiss / Festool knife and my iPhone 6 plus when at home. Love my Leathermans! Awesome tools to have in a pinch.

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The phone, wallet and pocketknife is Every Day.  The other two are Most Every Day.  


Wallet - Saddleback ID wallet





Pen - Currently a Zebra F-301


Pocketknife (not to be confused as a weapon): Usually Benchmade Mini grip, Spyderco Chaparral, Delica, or dragonfly on work days.  Larger pocketknives on off days.  


flashligh: Foursevens Quark Pro 



Sometimes rotate in thrunite, fenix, and other foursevens lights I have.  

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I always have pocket knife of some sort or another. My rule of thumb for pocket knives is the same as condoms, better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!

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