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New tools, but what to buy


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So the parents bought a 4 year old foreclosure an it needs some work. I got the ok to spend money to buy some tools. Even thoe I won't be paying for them Obvisouly money is well not growing on trees. I was wondering if anyone had feedback.

Tools are gonna be used around the house to do cosmetic projects an minor repairs an finishing a basement. I have always believed In buying quality tools but is it necisary if I don't use them daily? Ime a welder by day so those tools are all top notch but ime no professional carpenter.

Firstly I am looking for a sliding miter saw. I like the Bosch dual bevel glide but ime struggling with spending the 600 on it. Lowes currently has a dewalt 12 sliding with rails on sale for 400. I am a big Bosch fan like the bevel glide but I don't think I trually need to go all out on a saw I won't use every day. Before we moved I had a craftsman radial arm saw witch was good.

Next is a tablesaw. I absolutely love the Bosch 410009 but again do I really need it. I can get a cheap Kobalt for like 265.

Next I am gonna need a finish nailer, I have a roll air compreser I run my plasma cutter off of but no nailers. Any input on finish nailers is great.

Next off witch I am deffintily willing to spend money on is a good shop vac. I had my grandpas craftsman in Illinois but well it didn't make the move. It was great in its day but desperately needed a filter an the hose was all duct taped an seen better days. It also was missing the casters. We figured after 15 years it wasn't worth the space to move it.

Another thing we are gonna need is a snow blower come winter. The single stage craftsman was good but wasn't worth moving. It to like the shop vac seen better days. We would like to go with a dual stage model this time. We haven't really looked at any specific models or even brands.

Also a big thanks to Regopit He offered a dewalt drywall screw gun for free just pay shipping an I took him up on the offer. I only used it to test it out but the whole basement is framed, wired an plumbed but needs drywall. The screw gun will be a real help.

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You might want to get the Bosch on the fact you can put it up against a wall the other option is the Hitachi that allows you do do the same. I have the Bosch slider not glide and wish I had the glide as I'm space limited. Ridgid makes good wet/dry vacuums. The new Ridgid motor on the bottom vac is really cool. How much snow do you get? Their are downsides to big two stage snowblowers they can be a pain to turn and move around. They to eat up the snow though!! I have the Greenworks 80v single stage for the small snows.

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