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Hitachi DH24PF3 vs Bosch11255VSR Bulldog


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I am a big Hitachi fan. I think they give good performance at a good price. I recently saw a video of the Hitachi DH24PF3 going head to head with the Bosch 11255VSR bulldog and the Hitachi won by a landslide.

You can see the video here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hitach...752878&ref=sgm

I am sure Bosch has one where they beat someone else. How reliable are these? Because that look like a legitamite win.

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I would take all these tool war video clips with a massive pinch of salt.

And the ones where a tool company has made them even more so.

And beware the guy who has everything made by ONE company the one colour wonder who is so deluded he thinks one company makes the best everything.

After 33 years in the building trade I know this is not true, one company may make a fantastic drill, but a saw that sucks, and another company may make a fantastic corded tool but have a less than impressive cordless line up.

A case in point is Panasonic, Fantastic cordless tool line, but find a panasonic corded tool?

In my experience for what its worth you get what you pay for, and my manufacturers of choice are Metabo, Panasonic, and Milwaukee.

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I tend to buy strictly Milwaukee because that is my favorite brand and they've never let me down. However, I don't even pretend to believe they make the best everything. The Bosch Bulldog Xtreme is superior to the comparable Milwaukee that I have, no question about it. As far as the head to head video reviews go, take them with a grain of salt as Wayne said. I saw a video on YouTube title Dewalt vs. Milwaukee. The Dewalt drilled 3 times the holes the Milwaukee did even though it was equipped with the RedLithium XC. The Milwaukee struggled to stick a 1" spade bit through 2X's and crapped out after just a few holes. The fact is that between the models tested, any real test would have been fairly close. The Dewalt is faster, the Milwaukee has more torque. In my mind with Red Lithium XC's give the Milwaukee the advantage (but I am a little biased). If the Dewalt were to somehow manage to beat out the Milwaukee it wouldn't have been by a 75% landslide as this video wanted you to believe. The performance difference between pro caliber tools is usually fairly marginal. 10% - 15% is a big difference in most statistical categories. If it smells like shit, it's probably shit.

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Also folks,beware the hype about brush-less motors.

Let me fill you in on a BIG BIG secret.

The ten times longer they quote is based on running until a brushed motor needs new brushes, not until the brushed motor is dead, new brushes are very cheap, new brush-less motors are not.

Ask yourself a question do I trust a P.C.B and a hall sensor more than a carbon brush?

which one of these two would you think will take it in the real world?

Only time will tell but I'm sticking with a 4 pole brushed motor until I see how the new breed shape up in battle.

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It is another example of manufacturers bending the truth though which I do not like.

I have brushed motor tools over 30 years old that have get to have a single repair.

And the heat loss argument though true is more about saving battery power a 4 pole motor will produce slightly more torque than the brush-less out there.

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Wow, resurrecting all the old threads. OP is from August 2010. Video long gone...

Could be spam. Animal18 has only one post and there is an identical post over on Garage Journal by the same author, again his only post

What I may like most about this next generation of tool motors is that the caseless motors may be able to buy parts for the motors rather than having to replace the motor as an complete assembly.

Best brushless video I've seen is Festool Cordless Drill Myth

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I just can't see anyone repairing a brushless motor.

They were originally for situations where they ran for hours constantly, and the hall sensor was a single because shut down was rare.

On a drill which is stop start stop start the risk is it comes to rest with the sensor exactly in the middle of 2 points, which means it now doesn't know whether to go forwards or in reverse.This can be cured with a second hall sensor, but again I stress all this needs a P.C.B to control it and these motors are sealed units.

If you buy one and it starts juddering am sorry guys it will be new motor time, and not a cheap brushes swap you can do yourself at lunchtime.

Buyer beware as they say.

If you know the good and bad then you make an informed decision, and that's fine, but just want folks to know all that's brushless isn't gold.

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