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Home Depot's 72" fold-out wood workbench...opinions?


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Its probably going to be a nice starter kit, but you are going to want to add some modifications, like drawers, lighting, power strip or 2. Somebody moved out of my area and left a crude workbench behind, I was allowed to take it. It was constructed of 2 poorly made foundation halfs, then had a countertop just laying on the top. I screwed the countertop down, made some drawers, installing floor pieces for bottom storage and a light so I could see down there, installed 2 power strips at the counterspace, and I used cardboard as sidewalls for the workbench, since I didn't have large pieces of plywood to do it. Anyways, I think it turned out much better after I modified it and got that countetrop screwed down.

IMG_1014.JPG IMG_1015.JPG

. Came out good Proto! I made mine but haven't made drawers for yet.
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I just saw this, but I picked one up on Father's Day weekend. It was really easy to assemble. It's definitely meant to be a workbench though, as the construction is pretty rough. The board on the back was warped and a huge part needed to be sanded smooth.

We stained it black so give it less of a workbench look. It sits outside under our patio awning and when people come over, we can use it to put food and drinks on.

Not sure it was worth the $69 though...

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