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M12/M18 charger issues


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Today at work my charger (12v/18v dual) was having problem. The indicator light was flashing red and green with no battery in it. Anyone have any ideas what causes this? I don't have a problem buying another charger (the new 12v/18v charger that charges three batteries at a time looks awesome), but I'm happy with this one while it works. It may have gotten wet, I'm not sure. Could this cause the problem? Thanks in advance.



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That's the code for a defective battery when there's a battery in it. I imagine that's the "I don't work anymore" code when there's no battery in it. I think the electronics in it are passive, so if it wasn't plugged in and allowed to dry it would be fine. Plugged in and wet probably isn't great for it.

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Take it apart and check for corrosion. If there is none, pitch it.

If there is some clean it off with some QD electronic cleaner and an old toothbrush. If it doesn't work after that, pitch it.

Someone on here can probably spare a charger I imagine

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