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My Worx 20v Trimmer Broke On Me


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It has an issue now where it won't stop advancing line. It's like the clutch mechanism broke. I tried messing with it to see if I could get it working again, but no luck I had to put a warranty claim in. I'm kinda bummed as I really liked the trimmer and always had good things to say about it till now.

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I know they had huge issues with battery reliability for awhile, but until this happened I didn't have any issues with the unit at all. No charge status gauge and a slow charger was kind of annoying. They seem to be willing to take of the problem. I guess the good thing is I didn't pay for it I got it as a TIA give away a few years ago, so it hurts a little less I wasn't out any money. I will probably upgrade slowly upgrade to the Greenworks 80v tools I have the snowblower and leaf blower I need the hedge trimmer next. I went with Ego originally but they haven't done a snow blower yet. I have a big 2 stage but the small snow blower is nice too for the few inch snowfalls. I will sell off the Ego and standardize on GreenWorks

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No its the kind where you pull the trigger on and off really fast to advance it.

I have a black and decker trimmer that works in the same fashion. One day when it dies I have my eyes on a Stihl trimmer. I have a Stihl hedge trimmer i really like.

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