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What's on the wishlist?


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Ooooh... both are sexy tools.


Man, the wish list. Well, there's the Must Have Wish List and the I Want Wish List.

My must have #1 is the Fuel Sawzall. The Fuel Paddle Grinder is #2. And some of the M12 impacts and wrenches make up the next few. 

My want wishlist (after rolling 4x8 doors on my small shop) is a pro-table saw. Then a full router table setup.


Ugh... the list is too long.

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I have a few on the list and they always bounce back and forth.. but heres my top 3 in no particular order....

fuel circ saw

m12 fuel combo kit hammer/impact

and probably a nice rolair compressor.

I've got the Rolair JC10.........Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
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I was looking at the dolly style rolair... cant recall the model but if I use a compressor its either in the shop or on a fair sized job. so I like the size/portability of the dolly style. and I know it should be more than capable of producing the CFM I need and might need in the future. the JC10 is a "small" one right? 5 gal?

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I am young and have only started my tool hoarding I mean collection. My wish list is to long to type but I would have to say that a tool chest has been on my mind for a while now and i think the best way to start a collection would be with a place to store it all. I hear good things about HF chests and with my budget that's probably what I will get someday. .. money is no object I would get the Milwaukee chest. I love the Matt finish

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My chart topper right now is a DWS780. That and a Bosch router and I would be set....for about a day lol

That Dewalt is a good saw. My dad has one and he loves it. That's why I didn't go with a Dewalt saw, thought I would try a brand other than what the old man has just to try something that we haven't used before.

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I do have an ever growing wishlist I keep on amazon. Unfortunately I have to be "good" and not buy any of it until I get more space. What I want most is to break into the Milwaukee battery platform so I can grab a Super Hole Hawg, among others.  I have the dewalt 20v line now (come on a release some more cool stuff dewalt!)  I do want that cordless miter saw, the DCS361. 

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