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Milwaukee drill


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Depends upon what you paid for the drill. It might be something as the forward/reverse switch not making contact, to the motor. If you plan on chucking the tool, I would take it apart and see how it is built, just to give you an idea of the workings of a drill. Who knows, you might see the problem and fix it. But if your going to trhow it out anyways, who cares if you mess it up.

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Well, the problem is the switch, fairly easy fix if you can find the parts. You will need swich kit P/N23-66-2301 it come with a switch and the plastic motor housing.

The number is obsolete but if you phone around the Milwaukee service centers in your area maybe someone has one.

I actually have one, but being from Canada its probably not worth the hassle. Send me a PM if you are interested in more specifc details, I don't want to over step the bounderies

of this forum.


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