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Bosch 18V 3,0Ah Li-Ion Battery


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Hello all,


I recently bought a new Bosch drill that comes with an 18V 3,0Ah Li-Ion Battery, which is all well and good, but there is a meter on the back of it with an On button that seems to do nothing at all. I've attached a picture of the meter. Can anyone tell me how to get this to work? There is no mention in the manual or anywhere online (that I could find at any rate). Thanks a million for your help.



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after you fully charged the battery. did you put it in your drill and see if it works? if it works....then just the indicator is broken. 

when you push the "on" button, even when the battery is empty....the last square should be flashing.

if i were you...you exchange the item and get a new one

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Is it the cordless charging compatible battery and the light lets you know if it is situated on the charger correctly?

Bosch doesnt have 3.0 wireless batteries. you can even tell on the picture is not a wireless charging battery :P

right now they just have a 2.0 wireless battery which is the size of a 4.0 standard bosch battery (non-wireless)

but bosch will have a 4.0 wireless battery soon....also the 12V line gets wireless batteries.

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Michael, good idea to return them. Bosch is decent to deal with on returns. As far as the wireless comment, Bosch has come out with a wireless charger and battery set up. I've got two and they are fantastic to work with. Unfortunately, regular Bosch batteries can't fit on the wireless charger because of a design in the case (it flares out to grab the walls of the charger.) I imagine there some electronics too, so it can communicate with the charger. You CAN charge wireless batteries on the regular charger though!

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Man, great post showing the batteries. I can only imagine what you could do with a 36 volt 6AH battery lol. Here is an interesting idea to pick your brains. How big would a battery need to be to run a standard window unit 5,000 BTU air conditioner for 8-hours?

Big, really really big 

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