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What exactly are we paying for?


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American-made vs Foreign-made tools....


If they're comparable in price, yet one is supposedly made on the cheap, where is that extra cash ending-up? 


Are we paying for more advanced tech and research and development of tech?


Are we paying for marketing blitzs allowing companies the ability to advertise during the Super Bowl?


Are we paying the shareholders of said company?


Random thoughts about the Global Economy relative to the "uneveness" of the playing field given different tax structures and labor laws globally.



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This should prove to be an interesting post. I definitely never enjoyed economics so I am curious to see if there are any industry folks that can weigh in on this one.

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I guess this is why a lot of my threads revolve around tool companies themselves...which ones are good and why?


Are they good because they're good or are they good because we're told they're good.  Are they bad because of poor craftsman ship OR are they bad because, "whelp, brand X is just better".


Tools are expensive.  Cash is finite.  Trying to make the best "investment" possible.  Ideally, one "x-brand" hand/power tool to last me to the end of days...now I know that that's somewhat unrealistic, but I'm just trying to figure it out.


I guess it all started when I "needed" a drill at 11:30pm on a Saturday night...headed to Teh Walmart...a drill's a drill, right?!?  BOOM!  $50 Bostitch and I was able to hang a curtain rod...but now that I "need/want" more tools, I'm trying to roll with as much knowledge as possible.


To quote Spike Lee/NIKE:  Don't.  Believe.  The Hype.

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The boards of any publicly traded company are at the mercy of the shareholders. Offshoring to lower costs is to provide shareholders with continued profitable dividends. At the end of the day we are paying for r&d, marketing and shareholder profits.

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