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Found a new truck box


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OK, people have been sharing some very expensive stuff on TIA lately, I mean redonkulously expensive. 1600 dollars for a thing that holds your drill bit against metal, 2000 dollars for a truck box, and what was it 300,000 for a jigantic snapon toolbox. TIA is not about the super rich, its about lower bracket and middle bracket of income, and we can't afford all this silly crap. Anybody who spends 2000 dollars on a truck box is either not thinking clearly, or has more money then they know what to do with. Of course, everything I just said is my opinion, you don't have to agree with it, just take it with a grain of salt. My two cents

I just came across this box in just messing around on the internet, I definitely don't own one of these, i posted it up as more of a look at what is being done. Not necessarily a hey you need to buy this, if you own this or go buy this more power to you, I was just sharing some cool tool stuff with tool people.


Also if there is a more appropriate section of the forum for this type of post please let me know. (still pretty new at posting here) 

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While we're talking about truck boxes, I would really like to see some tool fights between different truck boxes. I know they aren't cheap but a lot of us depend on them and it would be nice to really see them go head to head.

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Napa I believe.

I think this box has a place on this site, people here more than most places should be able to appreciate splurging on tool related gadgets. The Weatherguard I'll buy will likely be $1000. The toolbox I have with the modular rail system was $1000. Look at a site like garage journal; people of all walks of all income levels heckling and appreciating all brands regardless of price haha. I still think those snap on boxes are insane though :P.

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It's a nice looking box.

I have seen a lot of white powder coated boxes rusting an causing sounding paint to have rust colorist stains in it.

I see a lot of powder coat peel off here, and people paint the missing spots but it just keeps peeling until there's nothing left

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