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warranty registration question


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Turner, that is a question for warranty. From what I have seen that machine is covered for 3 years.

When I try the help page on the dewalt.ie website it keeps saying page cannot load. Anyone got a contact for dewalt Ireland or Europe
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You only got 3 year on XR products, so not on the saw..


I always thought all Dewalt products had a 3 year warranty. So my 380,391,581,etc etc only have a one year warranty?  The box says 3 year warranty,1 year free service and 90 day guarantee. As for batteries only the 4 and 5ah have 3 years warranty I believe but all tools have 3 from what I understand.

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no batteries only have one year (even if they are part of XR range)


In the US:



1.5 & 2.0 Ah batteries have a 2 year warranty

3.0, 4.0 & 5.0 batteries have a 3 year warranty



3 year warranty,1 year free service and 90 day guarantee



SDS/Spline Hammers with Shocks have 2 years free service


KWC will have to speak to Europe warranties. 

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