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Dewalt 12V MAX 1/4″ Impact Driver Review – DCF815

Eric - TIA

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Way better quality than both the Milwaukee and Bosch IMO. I have had and used all three very hard and the only only that is still running is the Dewalt. The Bosch did out last the Milwaukee by about 6 months.

Dewalt has more power, feels better in the hand, and is way better quality.

What else do you need!

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12v is wicked nice!  I LOVE my Milwaukee M12 stuff though!  I tried the Dewalt 12v Max and although I like the tools, I already bought in to the M12 line and cannot see trying to switch lines when there is so much choice in the M12 line.  I will say that the 12v Max has BY FAR the most comfortable grips.  I really enjoy the grip when the XC battery is in my tool, the grip is obviously the same but the battery pack on the bottom of my hand seems to make the tool (to me) more comfortable in hand.  I tried the impact gun in the 12v Max line and really do love the tool but...

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For me, the biggest drawback to the Dewalt 12V line is the absence of the slim battery packs. In some situation the larger slide on packs really hurt accessibility. It's not a huge deal, but I like that the Milwaukee line has the option.

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