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Price Drop on Irwin Pliers (NWS Clones) at Lowes


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Figured I would pass this along. 


Irwin made a deal with NWS to re-brand some of their pliers. When they first came out in the stores, Lowes was charging $40 a piece for them which I thought was steep for what they were. I just checked the price and they have dropped. I may end up picking these up this weekend as my next purchase. It's coming down to this or the Knipex Cobras  



IRWIN 8-in Diagonal Cutting Pliers with PowerSlot - $35.00




IRWIN 8-in Long Nose Pliers -$30.00


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I'm a little conflicted about this... I really want to give some NWS pliers a try, but dies to their off shoring of production Irwin is dead to me. And warranty claims might be problematic....

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BK, I'd give NWS a try! But like you, Irwin is pretty much dead to me too.


I push this site quite a bit because I've done business with them before. A little bit pricier but not too much and he ships super fast.

Yeah, I got this site fairly frequently. There's so many choices, that I get paralysis through analysis. Ash, the site owner, is a member at GJ and seems like a pretty good guy. One of these days, soon...

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