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Carolina Style Pork Butt


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Smoking a pork butt, carolina style. Just wanted to show you guys a bit of it.


Remember, everyone from TIA is always welcome to my house. You just gotta make it before 5 this evening to get some of this butt.


I'll post some pictures of it when it's done.



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Well I chopped it all up and I think the whole thing disappeared before I even had two sandwiches.


This is how I do mine, it's a really good recipe for any of you guys that are interested in trying it.


North Carolina Pulled Pork This is the recipe I use


Rub Some Butt This is the rub I use, I get it at Lowes.


Apple Wood Chunks From Weber, I get it at Home Depot.


Pulled pork barbecue is a big thing around here and down in Carolina. I highly recommend this recipe, rub and the apple wood chunks to get that good Carolina flavor. If you go to make it, make the sauce in the recipe, just make sure you make it a day or so in advance to let all the flavors mix really good. It is truly outstanding.

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There were some really nice smokers at Lowes but most of them were gas or electric. There was only one true charcoal smoker. How long do you smoke it for the longest I've smoke pork butt was like 15 hours but hell it was a tasty meal and I'm sure that one is too. Delicious

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