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Mechanical Speedo Conversion


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I have a 1989 Jeep Wrangler I want to upgrade. Being an electrical guy I would like to build my own digital dash. Most of the gauges are easy enough to integrate into the new design, however the speedo is mechanical and I require some kind of converter of a new sensor all together. Has anyone done a mech --> electric mod?

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never actually done it with a Jeep but I put digital gauges in a 56 chev with wiring harness from a 1995 S-10 truck with cruise control.

you  might want to find a VSS from a late model Dakota, some aftermarket electric speedometers require an electronic interface like Classic Instruments makes SN74 that converts the VSS signal to a specific count recognized by the speedometer. Autometer gauges don't need an interface so they are a cheaper way to do this......


good luck.....

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