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Please help with lathe!


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Hello everyone,

This is my first post, and hope to rectify this issue... as well contribute to

other discussions!

Anyone familiar with Harbor Freight tools? I have a 1975 HF benchtop 44"

Lathe. It was my father's, and I haven't touched it in over 20 years.

It has an identical head stock as the current models being sold, however

the tail piece is different.

My model is missing parts for the tail piece. Are these parts interchangable

with anything to date? There should be a head pin that spins on a bearing

encased by (looks like a ferrel nut?)

Would love to get this working again soon. The motor (2 spd) and belt work

fine, and everything else had 1/8" of rust sanded off to restore this beauty.

The track is what makes this such a great lathe. It' ability to position is fantastic.

The length of the lathe is pretty priceless as a family tool as well.


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Homer and Goose77,

Thanks for response... working on getting a pic for you. Maybe tonight. That would be easier, right?

I went to a local harborfreight, and they looked at me like I was from outerspace. The reason being

is that the head piece doesn't look like a tapered morris (TM-1 or TM-2). It appears to be threaded

(7/16" chuck to attach set pin and the adjustable part of the screw is 5/8")

I'll try emailing when I get home from work tonight, and try to get a photo of the lathe up


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