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Kenmore washer problem


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It might be the safety switch, which I can not think of the name right now. If everything work except the water draining check that first. It could be something else, but my guess is the switch. Under the lid, you will see a small rod, when it shuts, it looks like it goes into the washer and pushed down a lever. This tells the machine that the lid is closed and can move to the next cycle. First make sure the rod is there before you do anything, make sure it didn't break off. Next put it to the cycle where the water should drain. Open the lid and put a screw driver in the hole where the rod should go and press the lever down. See if this starts the washer spinning and the water should drain. If still nothing happens, look for a schematic of your washer. Under the top of the washer is where all the electronics are located. In the schematic, find the electronics for the safety switch. Use a piece of wire and by pass the switch, if it works now, you need a new safety switch which you could probably pick up off eBay. Let me know what you find out. If that still doesn't work, we can did deeper.

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