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The Makita guys will like this a video of the new 23 gauge micro pinner


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It's odd to me how a lot of the top of the line stuff gets released overseas and takes forever to make its way to the states... Any particular reason?

Personally i believen it is because of profit matgins. Power tools are very much more expensive over here in the EU then they are in Amerika.

As a company, if you just reasearched and produced a new tool, i suppose it is logical that you first sell it in large margin countries :)

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It looks so much better in a video then in pictures its very small and looks slightly better on video.

That's a good point about the batteries, have an changes been made to them since they were first released? I know they added the star protection or what ever its called, but what about the cells or if any electronics were added? 

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There is just not really much inside a battery pack really.

Only difference you'll find is that for example Bosch had put most Electronics into their tools and not in the batteries. Milwaukee had put most of the Electronics in their battery packs and less in the tools.Makita had split it up between the tool and the battery.

But it is always there ! :)

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Im planing on order the makita coil framing nailer so thanks but i cant find any videos or reviews on it

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We don't use coil nailers in Australia for framing .The coil nailers I'm talking about is the AN611. We use them mainly for nailing off bracing ply, cladding , decking and nailing off straps and tie downs. The older of the guns would be 8 or 9 years old and is only recently showing signs of wear. I bought a senco about a year ago but rarely use it as I like the Makitas better.
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