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Cordless Jigsaw 52318 Repair


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Joined this forum to share my repair experience on my 52318 18V cordless jigsaw.  Like many others have reported on the web, my saw quit suddenly.  I wasn't even sawing anything.  I turned it on for a second to check the battery, it was fine.  I then tried it again just before cutting and nothing.  Dead.  Tried 2 other batteries, still dead.  


Took it apart, removed the motor and found that it was seized.  Removed the brushes, pried open the staking on the drive end and pulled out the rotor.  With the rotor came both permanent magnets!  The glue had totally failed that held the magnets to the frame. Bosch either used the wrong glue, used it improperly, or got a bad batch of glue.  Anyway you look at it, a serious Bosch quality control problem for which they should have issued a recall or replaced the motors regardless of age.  For a saw of this cost, you don't expect such QC failures.


One magnet had a fairly large piece chipped out of its corner.  I first glued this back with JB weld.  I then glued both magnets back into the frame with a thin layer of JB weld and held them there overnight with spring clamps.  Getting the rotor to line up again without rubbing on the magnets was a real chore because of the way the endplates are (not) secured in any sort of alignment and the magnets pull the rotor over onto one or the other of them.  Once I got the rotor to turn freely, I re-did the stakes as good as I could, then JB welded the end plate onto the frame.  


I had to trim the ends of the fan blades to get the rotor back past the magnets once they were glued in.  It might be better to remove the NDE plate.  I don't use the saw for extended periods, so I don't think the reduced cooling will hurt it. 


I cleaned up and undercut the commutator while I had the rotor out.  


The saw now runs as good or better than ever.




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