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Compressor Help Please


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Hello all, just wondering if anyone has ever converted propane tanks into a compressed air tank?

I'm basically wanting to run air from a small compressor into two large tanks (100 pound propane) as air storage to run my crews guns on the job site.

My thinking is, instead of running my 80 gallon compressor ( that I leave in the truck) off a 220 cord from the house, I would just run a small 4 gallon compressor plugged in directly to an outlet and air up storage tanks in the truck that are permanently mounted and run one main air line back from the truck into a central area of the job site to run all air tools.

I'm asking about propane tanks as air storage because the 100 pound size is dimensionally good for my box truck and would provide a sufficient amount of air storage.

Is this a good option or should I go with compressor tanks instead?

Thanks much for any input.

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Tried using an fire extinguiser with 2-4 bar of pressurised air. Worked solid for a year of low use. And even if it was made for holding a lot more pressure (at least ten to twenty times that), it ruptured with a small bang, spewing the inside of my computer with black goo (smelled pretty rotten). It had from what I could tell, rusted a hole through the bottom, even though it didn't look like normal rust...


My 1L container, that also had low pressure and a safety box round it was no real problem. But with the size we are talking about here, I would not recommend it. 


A contaniner with some kind of water drain, and anti-rust coating/material that don't rust would be prefarable. 

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Welcome to the forum.

If I was you I wouldn't play around with propane tanks as air tanks. Also old air compresser tanks can be a danger as well depending on tank condition. Lots of time rust builds up from condensation that didn't get drained.

Protoolnut really described why not to do it well.

Have you looked at buying a new air storage tank?

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Lol.....actually, (embarrassingly) I only brought up propane tanks, because I was told by another contractor that the pressure points were the same and never even thought to see if this is true.

The main reason for the thought of the propane tank, was solely due to the dimension of the 100 pound canisters, which could be welded to the bottom (underneath) the box of my box truck, which would allow me to take my big compressor out from the inside, which would create more room.

Thanks for the input.

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I don't see an issue here at all. If the tanks are in good condition, you should be able to safely make them air tanks. Propane doesn't convert to liquid until 140 PSI. So obviously the tanks can handle well more than 140 Psi. I'm thinking they must have a 250 PSI rating. Moisture will be your enemy here as with any steal tank. Drain cocks are a must. Maybe pressure relief valves at say 125 PSI?

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After checking the MSDS sheet for Propane, I am confident a propane tank CAN be used for air. IF DONE PROPERLY. The vapor pressure for for Propane is 127 PSIG, which converts to 141 PSI based on atmospheric pressure. If you are above sea level, the PSI is actually higher.

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