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Affordable Garden Hose Nozzle

Justin Hernandez

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I wasted a lot of money on worthless hose nozzles that don't last and break. The worst ones are those plastic ones that you select a nozzle which actually cost more than a real nozzle. So I thought about what was used in the old days and it was just a basic metal nozzle which worked and lasted a long time. I use the one below which is only 6 dollars comes with a 3 year warranty and last a long time. I would like to know what you guys use and your experience with crappy nozzles. Also recommend something that is less than 10 dollars 


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I picked this one up in the spring after dealing with broken trigger styles of plastic and metal designs. So far it works great with no worries about dropping it in the driveway and having the handle lock down and shooting you in the back with water.



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So I bought the Big Shot yesterday and than came home and watched the HD replay on Periscope were Dan bought one also. Life is funny like that, but I was disappointed it leaks it won't shut off all the way its not a huge deal but for 10 dollars it should work right. To my amazement I come home from work and watched another replay from Dan to find out his leaked and he took it back for another one. I don't know if he had the same failure as me but I'm wondering if I did something wrong I read all the directions before use just twist to turn off how hard can that be. It may be hard to see but their is a small stream coming out. Pic below 

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