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new m18 fuel release date?

William S

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I see the new m18 hammer drill available online at acme and home depot but I cannot find any in stores. My question is , is the new hammer drill out , if not does anyone have the release date. Acme has the old fuel hammer drill and impact on sale so the new ones must be close. Also does the impact driver come out along with it or do we have to wait until Sept to buy the kit? thanks.

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ok thanks Jason, I recall them saying August for the drill and sept for the impact. They must have just pushed the drill back so they can offer the sets right away. Either that or they are waiting so they can implement one key right away just so people have that option at release.thanks for the replies and don't worry Ricky I still love my Dewalt lol!

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Acme show​s arriving soon but I don't see a date. They sell the drill and the combo but not the impact alone.Thankfully the prices haven't changed.

They sell the impact alone.....I have one on order along with the hammer drill / driver, bought them seperate. There hoping to be shipping in a few weeks or so.

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I currently have the gen. 1 and I'm waiting to see what kind of trade in deal I can get!!

However you guys aren't gunna make it tough once I start to see all the new red getting uploaded!!!

Keep the gen 1 as a back up or as a second drill to use, many times I find my self using two drills with different bits, I find swapping bits a PITA sometimes.....plus it will look nice sitting on the tool bench ha,ha....

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