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Old shed turned Tiki hut/bar

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This project is a few years old now but i did put together a few pics of the process!!


This building orginally was a small garage back in the 30s-40s then turned into a shed sometime after,,the first picture is what it looked like when we got it..followed by what a little imagination came up with :)




And the fun begins..Hammers, prybars, and a sawzall.....oh yea and alot of sweat and labor!!





Last of the structural changes and taking a break after the grunt work



Dogs enjoying the changes!!




The inside:)





And there you have it a Tiki Bar!!

A little imagination and repurpose some things then you could have an awesome place to hangout!!!




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Now that is what I call recycling! Very cool project. The wood underneath the bar looks killer!

Came out awesome man I can imagine u guys have a lot of good times in there

Thanks guys..certainly lots fun happen in here and on the deck..the wood on the bar and walls is actually laminate flooring!!! I only had very little of the color that's on the bar but once I saw it I knew exactly where I was gunna use it!!! But damn did I wish I had enough todo all the walls!!!

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Blow insulation in a...shed? That would have shocked me.

With the age of the shed there's no telling..luckily our neighbor lady (who past at the age of 98!!!!) Had lived next door for decades..her father or grandpa one had lived in our house at some point and said the building was a garage and sat 20ft or away from where it is now and that when cars got too big to fit in anymore they walked up the opening and put it on a higher foundation..

It's pretty neat to see the different theories behind construction over the yrs jus from this one small once garage, then shed, now tiki bar!!

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That is freaking awesome Yikkit!! Wish the weather wasn't cold so much of the year!! I might get the chance to actually use an outdoor cabana 3 times a year!!

Thanks man..I'm originally from NH so I know what you mean..sounds like you need one of those big propane radiant patio heaters..or 4!! Hahaha

That or jus layer up some Milwaukee heated gear lol

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