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A sawtable where I can mount a jigsaw


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I'm looking to get my first sawtable, but maybe I'm looking wrong, for alas I'm not finding a single one that will do what I want.

I want to get a good jigsaw which will do plunge cuts, (recommendations? Milwaukee Sawzall?) and I want it to be able to mount on the table, so that I can make precise and straight cuts with fences or guides attached to the table.

The Rockwell Bladerunner does exactly 50% of what I want, but I want the jigsaw to be detachable so I can use it without the table as well.

I keep reading about people doing this, but haven't found any pictures of their setup!



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I don't have pictures, but I have seen people do this with their table saw. Usually the table saw expands, certain ones. I have seen people build a small table that will fit into the table saw and that way they can use their router or jigsaw and use the fence from the table saw. Not sure if I explained that clearly

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