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Log Splitting Axe Recommendations


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I'm partial to mauls over splitting axes because it drives wedges better and doubles as a sledge better than a splitting axe doubles as a felling axe.  I also find a maul sticks less often.

Quality really doesnt matter unless you overstrike frequently and want a stronger handle. I currently use an old rusty maul head found in a forest mounted on a trimmed down 2x2 and it works fine.  Of course if I ever overstrike the handle will be shot but who here doesn't live on the edge.

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I think the axes at big box stores are garbage. Poor steel an fiberglass handles aren't my idea of a good axe. Unless your gonna go to a specialty arborist or logging store an spend a easy hundred bucks or more on one I don't think anything new is of good quality.

With that said I bought a few at flea markets cleaned them up an with help from a friend we put on new handles. I also have some from my grandpa.

It's really not hard to put a new handle on. My friend made one out of hickory he had in his shop. If you are looking for something easy you can buy axe handles online or at a good farm supply.

For the head itself I used steel wool to remove rust. I then briefly hit the edge with a flap disk to get Knicks out then finished with a hand sharpening stone.

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My brother bought me a Gransfur Bruks Scandanavian Forest Ax a few years ago for my birthday.  I had always purchased whatever I found at the local hardware before that, but now it is worth it to me to save a little longer and get a tool like that.  The quality is off the charts.  They have have both a splitting maul and a collar guard splitting axe.  They aren't cheap but you'll have them for years.

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