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Like Son Like Father?


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So as a few of you know, I'm thirteen and obsessed with tools. My dad is not into it at all. Since a lot of you out there are old farts (JK), how should I get him into it?

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Lol tell him he aint a man unless he loves tools and can use em... hahah but all seriousness im 25 and my step dad or real dad were not into tools so i had to really teach myself now my mom makes my step dad feel like less a man because i build and fix all the things around the house and he just paints shit hahaha but ya thats why i teach my son whos 4 about tools and building and hard work so once hes older he will know all the things i didnt befor i got into the trades

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there is no real advice you can give someone to get them to do something, I have been into tools for over 50 yrs and I have buddies that could care less even for their kids. usually if a grown man isn't into tools there isn't much to get them into them. I was around tools since I was in diapers luckily my father was. on the other side of the coin I have a son that is in his 20's and he has no interest so it goes both ways....

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The way i'd approach this is to try to impress him via a project or task he can appreciate. You might try building a coffee table or a trunk, and when you run into struggles ask him for a quick hand to help you out. Either he will take to spending good quality time with his kid to build a project together, or he really just doesn't enjoy working with his hands. Nothing wrong with that, but I do hope he supports you in your interest...people that can build can always find work. 



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Hard to reach an old dog new tricks. I come from a long line of blue collar tradesmen so it's hard for me to imagine my dad not jonesin about tools.

I think it's best to not force it if that's not what he enjoys. Find something you are both interested in and pursue it together. My favorite activities are hunting and fishing, my old man does not do either, but we have middle ground both being in the trades and talking shop.

And as far as the Old fart thing goes, I'm only 30 so I feel I am a "soon to be middle aged looking well for his age still running circles around the younger guys coming onto the jobsite, fart"

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Just a thought, but why don't you tell your Dad that it would mean a lot to you if he were to share this hobby with you.  Maybe go to him with a project that's too big for one person to handle without a nice shop but that could be done with help. 

My dad loves tools too - but he doesn't love ham radio, which I've been into since I was about your age.  I asked him to help me learn about it and over the next few years I he gave me more books that I could handle on the subject, a shortwave radio, an amplifier, and some other things.  Just asking him to share that with me was something he appreciated even if he didn't really appreciate amateur radio.

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