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Which would be the better drill to go with?

Tonden Ockay

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I bought an 18v Bosch Brut Hammer Drill in 2005 and I loved it. I had three batteries for it but they all died out on me a few months back. I since started looking into corded drills because I do not care to keep buying/recharging batteries all the time.

I really wish they made a copy of the cordless dills with cords. I say this because I like the one-handed balance (I’m not a fan of the pistol grip), keyless chuck, clutch with 15 or so screw settings, 2 speed options, hammer mode, and so on. If I could only have all this in a cord drill! If I could only have my same Bosch drill with a cord I would be one happy camper. I dropped that drill so many time and it just took a beating and kept on going.

After searching the web for a few days I have found two cord drills that stood out to me.

Dwalt Hammer Drill that is better balanced like cordless drills are.


Bosch Hammer Drill that I read some where they run cooler then all other drill of its class.

I wanted to see what other people thought about these two drills. I want to make the right choice. I do not want to waste my money on the wrong drill.

What did I use my 18v cordless Bosch Brut Hammer drill on? Well I have rental properties that I do all the work my self. So I used my drill for just about every thing you can think of (from hanging pictures, drywall, door handle holes, holes in old oak 2x4 and so much more).

Edit : I was all so looking at picking up Dwalt DWD 115k 3/8 Drill to go with one of the hammer drills I listed above. However if I get the Dewalt Hammer drill then will I need or should I even get this 3/8 drill then?

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I have always been a huge Bosch fan. They make some great tools that will take anything. However I have been leaning toward Dewalt lately, but still will only buy Bosch for certain things. If you are comparing these two drills only, I would go with the Dewalt. Looks like the price is about the same. The Dewalt seems like you get a lot more. More Amps, More BPM, More rpm high and low and they both weight about the same. In regards to the Bosch running cooler than the Dewalt, I am not sure if it does or doesn't. Considering you are doing your won work, you do need something tough. But your not drilling into concrete every day, so not sure if that will pay a huge effect on the decision. Have you picked them both up in your hands? How do they feel? Because as you said you will be doing small jobs also and sometimes those are the most awkward positions for your body to be in and that’s also when balance and feel of a tool play a role.

I wouldn't go with a 3/8" unless you will be doing a lot of smaller jobs. If you will be doing smaller jobs, over 50% of the time and spending a lot of time with these jobs, then a 3/8" might make sense. If your doing small jobs, why fight the extra weight of the 1/2". The 3/8" is 2 lbs lighter. A 3/8" chuck just seems so small. I would rather save the money and get some nice new bits or something else to make my work easier if I didn't do a lot of smaller jobs. Man I just confused myself.

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