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Craftsman Pressure Washer

Maxwell Tyler Ray

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Who doesnt like a good pressure washing? Washing the side walk, the house, or the car we all like getting our hands on the wand and blasting serveral hundred PSI of water around! Whether its gas or electric everyone needs a pressure washer!


Up for reveiw is a craftsman pressure washer with a 175cc 7.75 ft-lbs torque Briggs & Stratton engine. Max PSI is 2700 and max GPM is 2.3. The machine comes with 3 Spraying tips (0',15', 40') and 1 soap aplication tip. The B&S engine is strong, smooth, and equiped with Ready Start System that allows you to flip ignition to ON and just pull the cord, no primeing and no choke! The system actually works and the engine starts on second pull everytime! The machine is also equiped with Perfect Mix System that mixes your soap concentrate into the stream right after the pump giving the "Perfect Mix"!


This machine is great for medium duty jobs from gentle car washing to getting oil stains out of the drive way. The hose, sprayer, and all nozzle tips have their own place on the machine for on board storage. 10in wheels and fold down handle make the machine easily portable and easy for storage. At a cost of under $300 and the 2-yr warranty make it a great investment for any homeowner or DIYer!





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I want a pressure washer, but its one tool I have a hard time justifying the expense and hassle. Here you have to winterize the pump and everything.

I don't winterize my pump and it's survived two winters in New York. So far so good.

I only use my pressure washer maybe 3-4 times a year, but when I do use it, it sure is nice.

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I live in NC and I don't "winterize" anything and I have the washer, mowers, weed eaters, 4 wheeler ect..I just make sure I run the gas out of them but that's ab it as far as storing stuff lol..plus it stays in a garage so it's outta the weather and I hadn't had any issues with any of my stuff yet..

However at the beginning of each season I give them all a good tune up (oil change, spark plug, air filter ect.) so pretty much the stored machine gets all new componets before its first run after storing!!

It's worth the money..even if you just use it to wash the car it makes that easier & saves money & uses less water!! the only added step to winterieing these properly is to add oil to the water pump which is pretty easy

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