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Who Needs Cable TV...


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Who needs cable TV, when folks are creating FREE content on YouTube Like this.  I am getting more and more amazed by the production quality, and content of the video's that are available.










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We have prime and really like it. We have small kids so we mainly watch cartoons.

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. Oh that's cool my kiddos love there cartoons, I'm never home so cable isn't really a big thing for me but to my wife n kids wooooo!!! It is. Lol
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I watch so much Youtube now over regular tv it is crazy!! I love being about to pick what I want to watch not what some executive decided on. I'm close to cutting the cord on Directtv 111 bucks a month isway too much for TV service. Its crazy when you think about it back in the day most of the TV channels were free over rabbit ears. People just got cable for MTV and better picture quality. I'm sure people made a killing selling the old school filters so you could get the premium channels like HBO and Sinnamax

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