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New Milwaukee M12 Rotary Tool


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Has anyone used one yet?? Not sure if it's out yet. I have allot of the M12 line and am really pleased with their performance. My latest purchase was the drill/hammer drill. I used it all day yesterday setting pipe hangers in block and concrete (Tapcons). The size made it less of a pain climbing a 12' ladder 4,000 times.

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Remember too that this M12 accepts the Dremel accessories as well making this very useful! I just bought Dremel's polishing kit for taking care of uniform items and what not. What's cool is Dremels EZ accessories are a real nice feature that you can use. I am curious as to whether Milwaukee will expand the accessory line for this tool.

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I kinda doubt it. Milwaukee advertised the fact that the rotary tool accepted most competitor accessories. Dremel stuff is so widely available it would be a hard market for Milwaukee to accel in at even a vaguely similar price point. Though they do offer some nice accessories, Milwaukee has always focused more on selling tools than accessories. They were the first ones to offer a universal adapter for multi-tool blades that came included with the tool which leads me to believe that was likely the same notion they had for the rotary tool.

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That makes sense and although it might affect prices ( more to chose from) Dremel does offer good quality accessories and when you couple the very unique add on that you can use, buying one of these should not be a hard choice. Milwaukee makes a great product in the M18 and M12 line as well as awesome ac power tools! Also keep in mind HD keeps dropping the price on this tool so last I saw for $80 you get a great tool, battery and charger as well as some city off wheels and an awesome warranty!

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