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Homemade blast furnace/forge


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So I've accumulated a few HUNDRED pounds of hard drives over the years, and my friend and I sat down and started tearing them apart one day. Usually I just smash them with a hammer or shoot them, and hand them off to a scrapper. We talked about it while we were sorting the different parts, and we decided that there was enough aluminum in the cases that it might be worth it to melt them down ourselves.


We set to plotting, and soon enough we devised a motor-oil-burning blast furnace, found a couple of decent crucibles at the local pottery supply, and some oddly perfect tongs at a thrift store. Here are some photos of the thing under construction and in action: http://imgur.com/a/Cs0ZV


The plan is to eventually cast a few things, like D&D miniatures, gears for a clock that my friend wants to make, and maybe an AR lower. We've also tried to melt brass but it got very messy. The ingot came out very pitted and it looks like it may have started to separate.

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This is why I love this forum. That is awesome man. Thanks for posting, I'm looking forward to see what you guys come uo with after you get the process good and dialed in. I'll put my order in now for a pair of custom Electromage pliers!

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PURE AWESOME!  I been wanting to make a backyard forge for sometime now.  I been watching a ton of videos, but your pictures are the best I have seen thus far.  I too, would love to cast some miniatures, and also make some knives. Thank You for sharing your adventures with the crew.



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