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Time to Give Back.....


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Seeings it is Oct 1st, I have decided to make a challenge for myself. I am going to make 100 of these by Nov. 1st 1 of each size as a set. These will be sold and the proceeds will be donated to toys for tots. I figured I would make acrylic templates to mark out the cuts quicker, they will be sanded and stained with a red ribbon kinda like one of the sets I made last year. 









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ya wife and I attended a fund raiser last night and the had some wooded toys there to raise some money, they were done with a good heart but there were not done very well and they were trying to get a pretty penny for them. I understand it was for a good cause. So it got me thinking......

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lol maybe just a nose here and there....

That's funny man...maybe a reindeerzall!

Seriously though comp you are a talented guy. I always enjoy your creations. Are you going to paint them or leave them natural?

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Man comp that's very cool of you, that design is very cool my buddy is part of a car club and they do the same toy for tots that the wifey kids and me help out with every year we really enjoy being out there and it's a plus to know our TIA crew will be also supporting!

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What is the price point Comp?



thanks guys

@wig on band saw

@poison hah I have no Idea yet........ wife says give em away like last year but 2 things I didn't make as many and if I give em away how can I raise money? ???

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