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Not tool related but its good


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Everyone here love ice cream.....my wife and I try to visit our favorite ice cream place a few times a month, its a old school type place and been in business making there own ice cream for 119 years. What's cool about this place is if your half way through your desert and run out of cherry's on top they will bring you more, run out of nuts, whip cream what ever they bring you more and don't charge you, The other cool thing is they have small, med and large of many deserts.....there banana splits are my favorite.





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That's awesome, I love those old school, family owned places. There's one here in Tampa, quite well known and delicious...was sad and a little disgusted when it got shut down for a few days because of health code violations. Won't stop me from going when I get the itch, something about their ice cream, probably the hint of bug.


As good as my place is, it looks like yours craps all over them. That looks sooo good.

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Oh my gosh, that desert is like heaven before me, what knowledge do I need in order to posess the unlock key to the gates of desert madness? :P Its literally like a whole dinner platter filled with sugary delight, and me wants it! What am I galum? :D

Yep, ice cream is the make you feel happy food :)

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