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Rotary Hammer Drill


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Hi guys, im a plumber and have been looking around for a hammer drill.

Ive looked at many different options and have brought it down to a few. I need a drill that can do a 1" hole through concrete and other masonry products so i have found a few drills that specify that they can handle it.

Ive been looking at the:

Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR - http://www.toolstop.co.uk/bosch-gbh2-26-dfr-2-kilo-rotary-hammer-with-sds-plus-shank-240v-p2969

Bosch GBH 2-28 DFR - http://www.toolstop.co.uk/bosch-gbh-2-28-dfv-2kg-sds-rotary-hammer-drill-with-quick-change-chuck-in-l-boxx-240-p16274

Metabo UHE 28 Multi - http://www.toolmarts.com/Metabo/UHE28-Multi.html

Metabo KHE2850 - http://www.toolstop.co.uk/metabo-600656000-khe2850-sds-hammer-drill-240v-with-3-jaw-chuck-p16097

I really like the two bosch ones. they are quite reasonably priced and have some nice specifications and should be able to handle pretty much anything that i will see on the site.

Has anyone had any experience with any of these drills or any advice when choosing a hammer drill?

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I never used the Metabo Hammer Drill, so I can't give you good advise on them. However I have used the Bosch for a long time and all I can say is Bosch won't disappoint you. I have beat my Bosch so hard and it just keeps on drilling away. Between the two bosch drills, I would go with the 2-28 DFR. Its a couple bucks more, but well worth it. This is a tool you will have for a while, so why not get the better of the two since the price difference isn't that much. It does has a higher BPM, so a little faster hole drilling.

Also never bought anything from Toolstop or Toolmart, but I have talked with the guys at Toolstop and they are great. Very dedicated and seems like a great company.

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Thanks for the great info toolman. unfortunatley im in australia and if i was to buy a tool from toolstop id have to change the plug to suit australia's electricity system. ive been looking around for the 28 in australia but it seems nobody has them. Very disappointed however im sure the 26 will do the job really well if i cant manage to find a 28

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