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Strange all-red CST Lasermark laser level - prototype?


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Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, my first time here!

My father and I go to local auctions for stuff we can buy and sell for a profit. Occasionally we get tools but usually those get sorted out easily.

This one has stumped me, however.

I can't find a darn thing like it anywhere. No one's selling one and no one seems to even have one. I can find laser levels by CST that are similar, but not exactly like this one.

From what I can tell, almost all the tools by CST are black and yellow; this one's all red which already makes it strange. All the laser levels like this one that CST sell seem to have a few more features, and look slightly different; which makes me think this is some sort of early model or a prototype.

Another thing I think is odd is on the back there's a sticker with the usual stuff like a serial number, place of manufacturer and stuff; though next to the serial number is something else, 12/99. Either it was made in December of 1999, or it's the 13th out of 100 made.

Did CST ever make any public prototypes? Maybe they made a batch of 100 and gave them out to contractors or something?





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I have looked all over and didn't see anything about this laser. I am wondering if it was a prototype that they gave out or an ex-employee had. I tried to look to see if it was a special edition series or something along that line but couldn't find anything. The only other thing I could think of is that maybe it was part of a kit they put out that had something else with it. My guess is the 12/99 is when it was manufactured. The only thing boggles me is there is no model number. I will keep looking.

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