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Big Ass Sockets!


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My parents bought a very nice 30' camper to store at Myrtle Beach and I, my brother, or of course themselves, can use it whenever we want. In order to get it to South Carolina, my 1500 needed a weight distribution hitch (which works beautifully btw).

Problem is that the hitch ball takes a 1-7/8" and the biggest I stock in 3/4" drive is 1-5/8". I put some feelers out to the boys and this is what they came back with


These are 1-7/8 Railroad tank car sockets use primarily for manhole covers. The one on the left is a 3/4" drive JH Williams and the thick walled monster on the right is a 1-7/8" Aldon in 1" drive.

The 3/4" will work just fine for me, but the one on the right is to beastly for my needs with its 1500 ft.-lb. rating

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Working in the oil and gas industry I use sockets that size daily. We have a several sets that go up to 3.5". There's other sets we got that go bigger as well.

Just imigane using a 1" drive impact wrench, it will spin you around if your not careful.

I bet you use a lot of rediculously sized tools. I've seen sockets up to 5", but this is the largest I've owned.

1-7/8" is the biggest fastener I've encountered at home. For a long time it was 1-1/2", then it crept up to 1-5/8", now it's 1-7/8" and of course I have to fill the gaps in between. I ordered Proto 1-3/4" and 1-13/16" to match the 3/4" salesman set I bought awhile back. Found them new on eBay for $20 each.

I plan to fill the set out to 2". I can't see me ever needing any bigger than that. I'll add the 2 missing sizes as I find similar deals. I'm too cheap to pay the $50ish each new price, and my set is too nice to add beat up sockets, so I'll keep my eye open for similar deals.

Contrary to what one might believe, these were not heisted from my employer :lol:

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We get up in the 2 1/2'' range on some of our farm machinery.Things like the nut holding disk gangs together.When a bearing goes out you have to remove the nut that is rusted and then get it back tighter then tight when putting it all back together.So the disk blades are not loose and spin on the shafts with this nut on the end.Takes a powerfull impact and a hefty air supply to get things back to tighter then tight.

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