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BL 18V and BL 2x18V Recipe saws - Now with Official info !


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Hey guys !


Not alot of info here but belgium's marketing manager confirmed for me today that both a  brushless 18 volt recipe saw and a brushless 18+18V recip saw are in the works and planned for a 2016 release.  doesn't really say much ofcours but makes it abit more official.


After alot of my whining i was shown this :




Just an extremely small teaser picture but it's a first ! =)



Here's the Makita info pages.  Right click and translate to english !




That vertical Crank Design is really cool !

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18V X2 LXT® Lithium-Ion Brushless Recipro Saw (XRJ06M/Z)
What can your 18V Lithium-Ion battery do for you? How about delivering corded power and run time? Makita 18V X2 technology is powered by two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries, so users can unplug the cord with an 18V X2 rotary hammer, circular saw, chain saw, miter saw and more. The latest addition to the 18V X2 line-up is the XRJ06M/Z Recipro Saw, which has an efficient brushless motor and an industry-leading 1-1/4” stroke length for faster cutting. Users benefit with 36V power and run-time, but without leaving the 18V platform. 
(available Summer 2016)
18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Brushless Recipro Saw (XRJ05M/Z)
Makita is a leading innovator in the brushless category, and among the latest wave of new brushless tool releases is a new 18V brushless recipro saw, model XRJ05M. Like the 18V X2 recipro saw (model XRJ06M/Z), the XRJ05M/Z has a category-leading 1-1/4” stroke length. Also available in a non-brushless model (XRJ04M/Z). (available Spring 2016)
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