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What the hell do I do now?


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Happy Friday TIA crew!  I've just had an afternoon project explode into something quite a bit larger and I'd really love some advice from the TIA braintrust. :D

A bit of background first...


A few years ago, a deck/patio over my garage was falling apart.  It had a lot of rotted wood, the incline didn't allow for proper drainage and the whole thing was basically a hazard and wobbled if you jumped on it.  To top it off, it formed the roof over part of the garage.  I had a contractor come in and replace / rebuild it.  As part of the job, they laid tile and really did quite a nice job.  The only outstanding part that they left undone was the seam between the sunroom and the deck.  Now, when the sunroom was built (1990's aluminum deal), they put flashing down underneath the sunroom structure that bridged and covered the gap between the structure below and the deck, which was now a patio.  Well the contractor said that they couldn't replace the flashing because it was underneath the sunroom and they didn't want to break the structure so they did not seal the crack at all.  They said to call a roofer to see if it could be done.  I called a roofer who told me that the job would cost $1000 and that they wouldn't guarantee that it wouldn't leak. I thought, forget it, I'll do it myself for less than that.  $1000 for a 15' section of flashing is absurd.


Fast forward two years.  I finally get tired of the leak in garage whenever it rains and resolve to caulk the seam.  My plan was to bend up the flashing, caulk the seam, cut the flashing, fold the edge under and rivet a new piece of flashing on to replace the bent / ugly edge left over from the construction of the porch.  Pretty straight forward and I even got to buy some new tools for the job!  So I bend up the flashing and while I'm brushing out the dirt to clean it for caulking, the brush goes right through the plywood that forms the sub-floor of the sunroom.  I've attached a couple of pictures for reference.


This little job just got a whole lot more complicated.  The area has obviously been leaking for a lot longer than I thought and there are whole sections of the sub-floor that are completely rotted out.  This would explain why some of the tiles in that part of the sunroom have cracked. The best I can figure is that I'll need to cut out the tiles inside of the sunroom, replace the plywood subfloor and re-install the tile.  The whole process is made more complicated by the fact that the sunroom is aluminum and sits on the tile/ subfloor.  I'm not sure if I'll break it if I do this and I can't just disassemble the sunroom wall to do the repair.  It'd never go back together again and the manufacturer is long out of business.


So the question for the crew is - am I about right in what I need to do?  I'm a bit over the edge of my comfort zone but I'm sincerely afraid of what kind of cost estimate a contractor would come back with to do this for me - remember the $1000 to replace 15' of flashing and run a bead of caulk.


I've attached a couple of pictures for reference if that helps (sorry for the toe- my foot always manages to creep into my TIA pics...).  Thanks in advance for reading my epic and for any and all feedback and advice you can throw my way.



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Yea, Comp56 is right the rot has really took hold now. I don't know what the roofing company was smoking quoting a grand to install  some flashing. Then again I don't know the whole scope of the job either. a Local siding place could have bent that flashing for you for fairly cheap its not much in materials at all. You might want to claim this on your homeowners as this could get expensive fast and say its from as improper install. I have see a friend get paid out on lesser things

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