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Poor Mans CNC


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Good Day Crew!


Well, since the CNC I want is a little over $4,000, and I won't be able to buy it until early next year I decided to do it the "Old Fashion" way



1) Find Picture

2) Use the carbon paper to trace it on the wood

3) Secure wood to bench with carpet tape

4) Use a variety of bits in the Dremel and the DeWalt DWP611 Router

5) Have fun carving 





The Flexcut Knife and Gloves are for carving stuff in Basswood, like caricatures.

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Hahaha. I like the "old fashioned". What project are you working on with this setup Wigwag?

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I have a few idea rattling around, but first going to practice with lettering and same basic vector graphics.  I am most excited about learning carving caricatures out of Basswood.  Brandon has been making walking sticks, but he's only been using a wood burner for adding designs, so I am hoping he will start carving some Wood Spirits on his sticks.



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When I was younger I would print off a picture trace it on to wood then use a scroll saw to cut it out then use a wood burner


Yup, thats also in the works, doing some wood burning projects.   For scroll sawing, I just print the patterns and attach them to wood.

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ya pretty much do the same thing but use the wood burner to transfer the image to the wood using a laser printer......as for carving ya I did some cars years ago more like 20 years ago that is and gave them away as gifts wish I took or kept some pics as they were fairly detailed. it all came to an end one night in the emergency room after 14 stitches to my index finger after I slipped on a knot......

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