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Pallet Coaster.....


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I really like that. On my desk there is a postit notes holder I have that has a mini pallet under it...it's no where near as nice as yours. Maybe you can use that as an idea ;)


These are definitly something you could sell, especially with the pallet re-use craze going on.

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thanks guys, ya I just figured use up some of my real small scraps...and you right the pallet craze is gone wild.......a set of 4 of these would make a great man cave gift.....or just to have sittin on the bar.....

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hahah. I'm the same way...though not doing stuff as nice as yours. I'd just make stuff at your leisure and post it. On some cigar forums I used to frequent there was a member that did really good scrimshaw work and he'd just make something and after he had a few items done he'd sell them. I don't think he was getting rich off of it but it's a few extra bucks here and there. I found his website incase you were curious: http://darrelmorris.fineartstudioonline.com/


There were also guys that sold cigar draw tools, which were basically a wood-handled ice pick with a couple notches in the shank. Going price for those was around $20-25.

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Well at least you are honest!

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actually I'm a nice guy.... I just don't like people........in my shop.....they touch things they don't need to touch......

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