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The impact driver is about $30 more than the Milwaukee fuel. Definitely worth it.

The warranty is second to none.

I used to have full Makita, then full Milwaukee Fuel.

I wish I would have switched sooner.

I got sucked into the Milwaukee marketing hype. While they are decent tools, they are not all they are claimed to be. (Compared to my Makita stuff, not flaming Milwaukee!)

Yes, Hilti is a little more expensive, but worth it. They will take a beating.

Even the brushed Hilti stuff is amazing. As much or more torque than the best brushless stuff.

My brushed drill:


Go to a Hilti store if you can and just try a few tools. You will see!

They sell a 6 tool kit for $1200 with batteries, bags, bits etc.

You can mix and match to customize the kit.

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Hilti has become a little more practical for individuals over the last few years. For many years they only wanted to fool with the big industrial market, but they've become more affordable. Hilti used to stop just short of laughing at guys like us, but with more competition in the industrial fastening systems market, they've come closer to earth.

Great tools and certainly a great option for anyone looking for an upgraded level of quality

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At work we have Hilti Bosch and Milwaukee rotary hammers the only ones that have held up have been the Hilti's. We are a heavy and highway contractor we beat the shit out of these drill on average we will get about 10 years out of a TE76 gun Bosch about 2 years and we have only had the Milwaukee's for about a year. We also have Hilti powder actuated guns, core drills, cordless epoxy guns, etc. I feel they are quality tools for the price and I have a good sales rep that always throws up free accessories and consumables

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