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Selling power tools to women


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I am currently enrolled in a Marketing class, and must give a presentation on how I would market power tools to women.

Considering that there is already a huge market for women and power tools, there is little that I can think of that hasn't been done, other than simply combining everything.

Thus far, all I have is the following:

*Breast cancer awareness and pink tools.


*Lightweight tools.

*Kits of tools tailored to general problems around the house.

*Versatile/multipurpose tools.

*Interior design oriented tools.

Anything snazzy that I could add? All advice is welcome. :)

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This might sound sexist, but I'm a woman, so I'm just speaking for myself.

Power tools are a little intimidating. Not using them, buying them. Not knowing what's good, not wanting to ask questions and look dumb, not knowing what something is called or what tool is needed to accomplish something. After getting my first apartment, I asked my father to buy me tools for Christmas one year. He came through for me, a sander, drill, enough fasteners for about anything. Nothing pink, or girly. I felt like my dad had faith in me. Those tools came with me into my marriage, and I said to my husband, these are mine.

Point is, I could have bought them myself, but I didn't. Some old fashioned part of me believed women dont buy power tools. it isn't culture, its something ingrained in me. Even today, I would prefer my husband get what I need and give it to me. I'm sure some feminist paper could be written on that, and I don't care. My point is it isn't what other people think about a woman using power tools, its how awoman feels when she buys them. Not Tim Taylor's manly har-har-har. Instead, a little lost and out of her element. If I were the manufacturer of a line of tools I wanted to market to women, I would put them in Michael's, not Lowes. But if you want a simple answer, then add simply worded shelf cards explaining what a tool does and the benefits. Not just all the technical data on the box, but also basic, dictionary definitions. Dont assume this market segment got an intro to power tools indads garage. Its all new. But pink and lightweight is just a silly bandaid. Give her that Tim Taylor moment. She can handle it.

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There are many people of both sexes that feel intimidated by tools and how to buy and use them.

Many men won't admit they are bloomin clueless and go at it anyway we call these creatures The lesser spotted brother in law. LOL

I am with you all the way that more should be done to make it clear exactly what does what and maybe more in store demonstrations where you can ask to see the thing do its job before you buy would help.

Just because you don't know something does not mean you are letting your fellow women down at all. :)

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