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Batimat show. Paris, France


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Did you know that the four-speed drill/driver you tried there on the right was our brand new ASCM 12 (!) C? The one on the left is the two-speed ABSU 12 C.

In the background, standing in front of the man with the grey jacket, are our new 12V ASCD impact drill and ABSU 12 W4 C cordless screwdriver. These little monsters are really, really impressive!




And for everyone interested in grinders: we have a whole new range of angle grinders (barrel and rat-tail), as well as die/straight grinders in every format you could dream of. I put in the links to our UK website – some of the tools might not be available in the US yet.
Let me know if you have any questions about these new tools! :)




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Thanks Sven,


I was very interested in the WSG 17-70. What's the main difference between the R and the RT model ?


The main difference is the "T". It stands for the German term "Totmannschalter", which translates to "dead man's switch". So, the switch can’t be fixed and once the tool is dropped, it stops. The "R" stand for "rat-tail". And then, there’s also our "P"-versions (such as the WSG 17-125 PRT) with POWERtronic, the electronic speed-stabilising function.

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