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What tools to own


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I am starting to work with my dad. He runs his own HVAC business in Georgia. I have to start investing in tools and not sure where to start. I know what hand tools I want, but not what power tools. I am trying to see what other guys use, but it is just such a wide range as they have built their line up over years. My dad is just set in his ways and still uses older tools. I want the best tools for the money, which I am sure everyone does. I really want to stick with one brand because i don't want to have a lot of different batteries. I heard the Lithium batteries have a hard time in the cold. I am in the south, so i am not worried about that. Any thoughts or help.

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I know this is an older topic but for what it is worth, anyone going into a trade should think quality quality quality all the way with power tools.

I know times are tough at the moment and your dollar,pound Euro or other currency does not go far anymore, but buying the very best quality you can afford is a good idea.

I would also recommend the home owner to do the same.

Many folks steer away from professional tools, with the excuse that they won't get the use out of them, but this is horse poop.A quality tool will last longer, do the job better, have the protection and torque to stop someone new to using power tools from hurting the tool, and in some cases from hurting themselves as well.

But always bear in mind that the drill bit, blade e.t.c needs to be quality to,.NEVER buy crap drill bits or blades and NEVER carry on using a dull blade or drill bit, this will only damage the tool and make you turn out a poor standard job.

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