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Hi everyone,

My name is Rebeka, and I am currently conducting feasability research on new power tool projects.

I would like to know if anyone has any suggested issues with the following products and what those issues are, also if you have any solutions:

Light tower

Chipper shredder

air compressor

long run fuel tank

540 rpm power take off drive shaft

Rage 3 saw

I would really appreciate any information on the above projects.

Thankyou for your time and help.


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I have some issues with a few of the tools you mention, however you are not being very specific when naming your tools. When you mention a light tower, are you referring to a an outdoor lighting tower, or are you referring to an indoor work light? When you refer to a chipper shredder, are you referring to a wood chipper commonly used to chip brush, or are you referring to a trash shredder commonly used to reduce the volume of trash? When you refer to a long run fuel tank are you referring to a auxiliary fuel tank for a truck or other vehicle, an accessory external fuel tank for things like generators, or are you referring to a fuel tank that come attached to equipment like a chainsaw?

And then You get REALLY specific with a certain saw....

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My apologies for not being very specific before hand.

So to clear things up.

Chipper shredder: wood chipper shredder used to chip brush

Light Tower: outdoor light tower

long run fuel tanks: for generators used to power other tools

The saw is one that I have done previous research on and so I am familiar with it, but if you hav eissues with other saws such as: circular saws and mitre saws it would also be helpful to know.

Im a University Student working out problems with these products.

Apologies again for not being very specific. I havent written in a forum before and it hadnt occured to me how much detail I should have given.

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Wood chippers are very loud. Come up with a way to cut down on the noise and the world would thank you. If ever there was a tool that could use flesh sensing technology like the sawstop table saw uses, the wood chipper would be one. I always wish to be able to get multiple use from machines, and would love to be able to easily be able to tap into the chippers hydraulic system to power other hydraulic tools particularly power pruners (like a chainsaw on the end of a stick), this would have made my life much easier when I was trimming trees, being able to NOT have to run gas powered saws.

Light towers: Again getting multiple uses from these would be nice. most have a little extra generating capacity, but this is usually just enough to make it almost useful. Up the output a bit so they can be used for more than just lighting the tower. I do realize this would not really be beneficial to those running/buying fleets of these lights for larger scale projects, unless they wanted to single a few out for additional uses. Another of my issues with these is having to crank down the tower to readjust the lights. A remote control would ease this immensely. I could picture a little control pad on a cord with four joy sticks on it, with maybe a button or two for some preset configurations. Speaking of cranking towers up, I dream of a unit that I could walk up to and press a button and have it deploy its stabilizers, self level then raise its own mast, like some of the man lifts do these days.

Accessory extended run fuel tanks for generators usually seem to be a cobbled together last minute thought of way to make a couple extra bucks. Better integration would seem to me to be a wise decision. I would love to see something along the lines of an additional fuel tap where a fuel tank like the ones used for outboard motors could be plugged in to extend run time.

As for circular saws, how about a cord that can't be cut through.

I would love to have a premium circular saw. One like Black & Deckers original Sawcat, that was built with carbon fiber and titanium components, that was engineered with long life and ease of maintenance as priorities.

PTO drive shafts: Don't know why you singled out 540 RPM, since 1000 RPM are likely to have the same issues. I dislike the struggle to line up the drive splines, and would love to just shove them together and have them automatically align. would be really nice if this was somehow a sealed unit as well, seems I'm always getting covered in grease whenever I'm dealing with them. Jam free locking mechanism would be nice as well, again sealing the unit would fix most of the jamming issues I've dealt with.

I have made my living with tools one way or another for most of my life, so my comments are from a professionals perspective.

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