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Dewalt Impact Clutch


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Just tried getting the bit out of the impact clutch to see how easy it is.

Erm NO its held in there like a woman in a shoe shop LOL you need grips to pull the bit out (may get easier over time) but that's gonna be a pain if you are up a ladder.

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Everything is expensive but the new tools from the U.S cost a bit more than the competition.

The prices may drop when they have been out a while.

European makes are taxed less perhaps.

A Metabo 18v LTX combi drill averages £250 to buy

Bosch roughly the same maybe a little less

Milwaukee brushed M18 is nearly £420

Dewalt compare on price with European Models Even the new brush-less impact driver is within £30 of the European tools.

Also Milwaukee warranty is 3 years not 5 over here in the U.K how weird is that?

I would love to ask Milwaukee why that is?

Rockwell and Worx are same drill but in the U.S they give you batteries for life on the 3rill and (yes you guessed it) no they don't over here in the U.K.

I could list more guys but why oh why do they do this?

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When you go to Milwaukee HQ sneak in the back room and see if they're working on a table saw. I'm looking to replace my $149 B&D special about next spring. I'm looking at the Makita contractor saw and the Bosch 4100, but I'd wait and give the red team first look.

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I'll see what we can find out, but I really doubt they are. Have you tried their miter saw? I haven't and haven't even heard to much about it. I do have to say I have been using the Bosch 4100 and it rocks. Another good one that people talk about is the Dewalt.

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Well folks the Impact clutch is STILL going strong and I am amazed.

I now use it on time saver couplings on cast iron pipe because my impact would shatter the iron couplings if I over did it.

You can imagine 8 bolts per coupling on 6 inch and at least two couplings per fitting,three on e tee, that on a job site it doesn't take long before you are into thousands.

These have an allen key head and the Dewalt Impact Clutch has stood up to doing thousands of these.

Also it means no matter what drill you use, you can still only apply the exact same amount of force.

If you have a drill or an impact driver I strongly recommend you get one of these.

It would be nice to have one you could put in your impact driver and set to an exact torque setting though. Please make one Dewalt. :D

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